The Wendy Williams Show!

TV celebrity personality Wendy Williams endorses Cool On The Go, a revolutionary hands-free multi-functional rechargeable cooling device equipped with LED lights. The segment “Summer Beauty Gadget” also featured by Milly Almodovar aired June 24th 2015.

Portable Fan

Even if its getting a little colder outside. Inside sometimes it can be a bit warmer than you like it. So, you’re left with a few options in order to get cooler. You can either turn the air conditioner on to cool the area down around you. If you’re at work you’ll probably have to […]

Best Desk Fans

Do you tend to feel hot? Even though the summer is ending. Inside you can still get hot and need something to cool you down without turning on the AC. If you’re planning on going outside the day can still get hot even in these last few months before winter hits. So, why not have […]

Cool on the Go: the World’s Most Versatile Personal Cooling Device

In case you hadn’t noticed, summertime is upon us. The 90-100 degree days are back, and with them comes the misery of anyone who spends any amount of time outside and not in a pool. You know who you are – landscaper, car salesman, camp counselor, grill master, event coordinator, runner, and countless others who […]

Let Cool On the Go Be Your Portable Fan of Choice

The weather is warming up quickly and while summer packs its share of fun, it can also pack some unpleasant heat.  For the times you aren’t in a climate-controlled environment like your home or car you can still keep cool with a portable fan.  While there are a lot of choices out there, there is […]

Babies Stay Cool with Cool On The Go Baby Stroller Fan

After the biting cold of winter, milder temperatures are a welcome relief. Enjoying the springtime and getting ready for summertime fun is something that everyone looks forward to. But with all the fun in the sun comes the sweltering heat that makes you feel sweaty, tired, and dehydrated. All you want to do is cool […]

Why You Need a Desk Fan

Have you ever worked out before work and found it takes a few hours for your core temperature to return to normal, leaving you warm and even slightly perspiring? That’s not a good look especially when you have an important briefing or meeting. What about those first few weeks of warm weather when everyone begins […]