Cool on the Go® Features

Cool On The Go® features a sleek and lightweight design and a virtually quiet fan to allow the user to enjoy hands-free cooling anywhere. The innovative device features a Micro USB input and a USB output cable, allowing Cool on the Go® to operate with or without the need for batteries.

For versatility and portability, Cool on the Go® has an included belt loop, clip, and lanyard so you can take your fan everywhere with you.

Fan Features



Turn the speed control dial to power the fan on, then adjust the airflow to desired speed. To power off, turn the speed control dial completely down.


The fan has cool LED lights, a great safety tool when riding a bike, walking or being in the theme parks or anywhere in the dark. Push the light button ON/OFF for an illuminating LED experience. Great use as a safety light at night.


The power light will flash red when powering or charging the fan with the USB connection. The light will turn green when rechargeable batteries are fully charged. Rechargeable batteries and 7.5 volts AC adapters sold separately for Standard model ( all accessories are included for Rechargeable model).

When using your PC, laptop or other USB power sources, it is not necessary to use battery power. It is recommended to remove the batteries. Simply use the USB cable to connect the fan to your computer or any other power source and enjoy the breeze.

Cool on the Go® Specifications

UNIT Features:

Length: 6 inches
Height: 2.25 inches
Width: 4 inches
Weight: 6.5 oz/1.6lbs
USB: 48 inches
Lanyard: 18.5 inches (Adjustable)

PACKAGE Features:

Length: 12 inches
Height: 3 inches
Width: 9 inches
Weight: 14.3 oz (Accessories included)
Shipping Weight: 1.6 lbs

Cool On The Go Product

The Many Uses

Girl With The Lanyard Cooling Device

The Lanyard

The adjustable lanyard goes around your neck and holds the fan through a set of loops. Specially good when you are on the go at sporting events, theme parks, picnics, gardening, at the beach or by the pool. With the fan around your neck, you can enjoy a fresh flow of air around your face and neck while keeping your hands free. To use, insert one end of the lanyard through both opening slots behind the fan. Snap the safety break away connectors together. Press the spring stopper button to adjust the lanyard to the desired length.

Fan On The Belt

The Belt

For guys looking to be more discreet or who simply want to keep their back or chest cool, the belt clip feature is here for you. A favorite of golfers everywhere, it is also very convenient when playing sports, working outdoors, hiking, camping, boating or walking around theme parks. To use, once you’ve reached the waist area where you want to place the fan, insert belt through both rear slots behind the fan and secure the belt. Place shirt over the fan for upper core body cooling.

Tabletop Stand

The Tabletop Base

For any flat surface the tabletop base is perfect to keep you comfortable and relaxed. Whether in your kitchen at home, as a desk fan at the office or in your garage or use as a tent fan. Simply place the fan down on its base, the fan clip folds and adjusts to different positions, and enjoy the cool air. The same applies when you are outside. You can place the fan on a table or by your side on the grass or sand. The tabletop base is one of the many uses for the versatility of your Cool On The Go® fan.

Fan On The Baby Stroller

The Baby Stroller/ Infant Car Seat

Perfect while walking your baby, while exploring the great outdoors at theme parks or driving with your baby in the infant car seat. Attach the folding clip to the side of the canopy and feel the air circulate around your baby, keeping your little one cool on a hot and humid days. Safety precaution: the fan should ONLY be clipped to the sides of the stroller canopy or infant car seat to prevent injuries. Please do not clip to the overhead of the canopy to avoid unit from falling and causing injury.

Clipping Cool On The Go

The Clip

Car, Truck or Semi AC not working as perfect as you’d like. The clip attaches and adjusts to different positions on any truck or car visor. Clipping Cool on the Go® to a safe place can solve the problem. Instead of waiting for the air to kick in, sweating, you can use your Cool On The Go® fan to kick the heat out and cool off faster.

Clips to a shoulder strap

The Shoulder Strap

Perfectly clips to any purse or business bag strap when on the go. Ideal for mail carriers, students on any form of backpacking in general. Simply clip on your Cool On The Go® fan to your shoulder strap and enjoy the breeze.