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Recharge On The Go


Cool On The Go clip on fan is the world’s most versatile hands free personal cooling system,offering an array of options that is unmatched. It is a portable battery operated fan and it can also runs as a USB fan. The bladeless fan technology means that Cool On The Go is safe for children when using as a clip on stroller fan or car seat fan. We offer a standard model as well as a rechargeable fan model, including a full line of accessories for added versatility. Here’s a list of the many uses and advantages that make Cool On The Go your ideal mini fan for indoor and outdoor activities:

Ideal uses include:

  • Wearable fan
  • Table top / Desk fan
  • Baby stroller fan
  • Baby car seat fan
  • Portable fans for cars
  • Rechargeable tent fan
  • Rechargeable battery-operated fan
  • Rechargeable portable fan
  • Rechargeable clip-on fan
  • Rechargeable camping fan

Cool On The Go is the ideal personal fan for any occasion. Whether going for a walk, at a picnic or BBQ, enjoying the beach or by the pool, camping or hiking, at the gym, working in your garage, visiting theme parks, sporting events, concerts or performing any activity. Our multi-functional hands-free, portable fan, Cool On The Go, is the way to go. Visit our online store and buy yours today.

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