Flex On The Go 360°



– Universal 2 In 1 Flexible Arm Clip For Cool On The Go And Smart Phones – 360º Degree Gooseneck Mount Clip Rotates & Adjust In Any Angel – Clips On iPhone /Samsung/LG/HTC /GPS/ Android Smartphone & Cool On The Go Cooling Devices

. Flex On The Go 360º degree Rotating Flexible Gooseneck Clamp Folds and angles towards your comfort. This great for your office or table, in your car, while working, on a baby stroller, kitchen, bicycle, in the bedroom, reading, and relaxing either for cooling or entertainment. Durable desktop holder with a sturdy clip secures steadily on any desk, headboard, wall cabinet, chair and other flat or round surfaces

. Smart Phone Clip & Cool On The Go Clip secures your fan and other electronic devices tightly. This way you or your kids can enjoy movies or keep cool with the comfort of not having to hold the phone or fan. Use the proper clip for each device to prevent damage.

. Perfect to view phone & enjoy music & phone games or stay cool by the bed, desk, car, beside sofa, workout equipment and more

. Flex On The Go compliments Cool On The Go for added versatility and hands free convenience

. Great to use as a cell phone camera holder for hands free video taping, taking photographs or selfies.