3 Things to Remember When Buying a Personal Cooling Rechargeable Fan

As much as we welcome the summer heat, it can be tough on us due to skin damage, and likely heat strokes. You can turn on the air conditioner while you are inside, but at some point of the day it is necessary to head out, since the whole purpose of summer is to have fun and enjoy the much-wanted heat after a long cold winter. Whether you are out for a walk or lying down for a nice tan, maintaining your body temperature is the most important thing.

Today we live in the ‘age of science.’ By the aid of science, man has conquered the forces of nature. Science has revolutionized every sphere of life. The wonders of science which far excel the wonders of nature have affected our everyday life. Thanks to technological advancements of the 21st century, you can enjoy the summers outside without getting sunburn or a heat stroke. A portable fan is a great solution for beating the heat when you are outdoors.

An adaptable personal cooling device is something everyone should own, due to its benefits. It can be used by anyone and in almost every way imaginable. The unique design and its ability to adapt to the surroundings, this device will change the way you spend your time outside.

portable rechargeable fan


Below are three reasons why you should consider buying a portable rechargeable fan:

  • It’s Portable: There are many types of fans that can be moved around but in reality only one fits the description of portable. Most of these fans have limited portability and cannot be used outside or when you are out for a jog. Cool on the go is one of the most adaptable portable fans that can be used almost everywhere. It does not matter if you like running during the summers or playing golf in the scorching heat, cool on the go can be taken anywhere and everywhere. With its unique portable design, it can deliver the air in almost every direction and can be placed on your belt to cool your upper body. The device offers a clip so that it can be attached to either your belt or your shoulder strap. This lightweight portable rechargeable fan will allow you to carry it in your bag, purse, and even your pocket.
  • Great Battery Life: The most important factor to consider while buying a portable fan is the battery life it offers. Some of the fans use an external battery, that tends to dry out quick and can be heavy on the pocket. Cool on the go portable fan has a rechargeable battery, which can run for up to 4 hours, giving you a perfect strong breeze each time you use it. The fan can also be charged using a USB power source and that is a tremendous add-on for those using their laptop or PC’s outdoors. The fan also offers the use of external batteries, just in case you do not find a power source to recharge the battery.
  • Adaptability: When opting for a convenient personal rechargeable cooling fan, you should check if it is adaptable to your needs. Adaptability means that the device can serve many functions and in many locations. Conventional fans cannot be carried or be used for various purposes. Cool on the go fan can be used anywhere, and everywhere. Your portable fan can sit in a number of places due to the following reasons:
  1. Table top: The table top base design of a cool on the go fan, allows the device to be used in an office desk, at home or in your garage while you are trying to service your car.
  2. Clip on: The clip on feature is very useful when using the fan in your car. Keeping your car on for an air conditioner, while you wait for someone, leads to fuel wastage. The feature allows you to easily clip the fan on the window and enjoy the free cool breeze while you wait in the car. The USB cable will also allow you to charge from your car’s lighter when the battery runs out.
  • The stroller: Taking your baby in a park can be fun when the weather is warm outside. A baby under the age of 5 needs special care as they are at a greater risk of a heat stroke or dehydration. The adaptable personal cooling device by cool on the go is safe for children as the fan blades are protected by the plastic and can be clipped on the stroller. The movable angle can be easily targeted toward your baby making sure he receives the cool air while he enjoys the beautiful environment.
  1. Outdoor activities: Whether you are jogging, playing golf or involved in any other outdoor activity, a portable fan should serve the purpose. Cool on the go can be used by clipping it on your belt. If your work requires you to stand outdoors, it can be easily hung around your neck, directing cool air toward your face.

Cool on the go offers a versatile personal rechargeable cooling device with built in smart features. The aesthetic design and features make it stand out from the rest. The adjustable design allows it to work noise-free while you enjoy the cool breeze. The fan is made with high-quality material and is guaranteed to give you a long lasting device which will keep you cool in all seasons and occasions.



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